A new FREE mobile Application aimed at supporting and promoting local businesses - available from the App. stores now!

Discover Local; a Free Mobile Application, is the latest addition to our range of guides and is currently being rolled out across Scotland.

It is now available from both the Itunes and Google Play App. stores.

Below - The Glasgow City Centre track.

[An example of the audio-video content incorporated within the App.]

A low cost way to advertise/ promote local business on a dedicated Mobile Application available Free from the major App stores.

This will enhance the local shopping experience, and for whom the App. is a unique, low cost, technologically advanced & effective marketing medium.

Benefits of a Discover Local Listing.

Be part of this new emerging market with world-wide sales of over ONE HUNDRED BILLION Apps. downloaded in 2013 and over ONE BILLION new smart phones sold in the same period!

A modern alternative to Yellow Pages, local newspapers and even on-line directories.

Over 40% of internet searches are looking for local products and services.

Shopping locally is good for our small businesses, the environment, employment and keeps the pound in our pocket circulating around the local economy.

An alternative to the giant national retailers and supermarkets.

People want to support local businesses and can now find them quickly and easily with the very latest smart phone technology.

We have more mobile phones in the UK than people!

Users can access the App. either in advance or while in the area; attracting both planned and spontaneous customers.

Download from the App. stores or via local QR codes.

The unique interactive format makes the App. accessible and entertaining.

The App. is combined with a video extract from one of our guides - featuring one town or a defined area with descriptions of sites of interest, local history and folklore.

The Application can be accessed on a Business by Business basis by category as well as searched by Town or Area.

This enables users to search for your product/service quickly and effectively.

Each listing contains a full description of the business offering, plus a couple of images, live phone number and active web-site link.

As well as mapping with geo-navigation to guide visitors right to the doorstep.

Only carefully selected businesses are offered to feature on the App - ensuring that the content genuinely enhances the users local retail experience.

All the information can be updated at any time at no additional cost.

Available in both Iphone and Android formats.

For more info. please download the following:- Click here to download this file

For our terms and conditions:- Click here to download this file


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